Dental Implants in Naperville

Dr. Cascino and her staff are absolutely wonderful! I had a procedure with her and the experience was very positive.

Laurie from her office started out the wonderful care when I made the appointment. Due to medications I am taking they had to call and make arrangements with my primary doctor. Laurie not only reviewed my history with Dr. Cascino but got a hold of my primary and then got back to me in 1 business day. Filling out the paperwork from their website, then faxing it in was so easy and helped with the check in process. Laurie was so kind and professional it made me comfortable before I even came into the office.

During the procedure, Anita was the assistant. She is absolutely wonderful at her job and really educates and puts you at ease. A kind face and smile goes a long way in healthcare!

Finally, Dr. Cascino herself is one of the nicest medical professionals I’ve ever met. She is obviously invested in letting her patients know exactly what she is doing and why. The care and time she took to make sure I was numb was wonderful. The ease of conversation and book recommendations made me feel like I was at a friends home, not having dental procedure.

I will recommend to anyone in need of periodontal care to Dr. Cascino! Thanks for everything!!!

– Michelle D