Naperville Periodontics


Dental x-rays are an invaluable aid in the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of oral health. Digital dental x-rays have around 75% less radiation when compared to traditional x-rays. These images can be viewed immediately. They can also be enhanced and magnified.

Digital images can be stored quickly and are easily transferred to your dentist or insurance company.


The Carestream Cone Beam CT unit we have in the office captures a localized field of view with high-resolution 3D imaging. Because of the localized view, exposure is confined just to the field of interest. The radiation with this unit is 10-30 times less than other comparable machines.

3D imaging is used for dental implant planning. Vital structures like nerves and sinus cavities can be located, therefore improving the safety of implant placement. It is also used to assess the shape and size of the jaw bone so that implants can be placed with accuracy in the best locations.

This imaging can be used to evaluate the location of impacted teeth. It can also be used to appraise the severity and etiology of bone loss around individual teeth.


LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a procedure that treats periodontal (gum) disease with the use of a highly specialized Nd:YAG laser. This laser is used to remove the infected gum tissue around the roots of the teeth, while not only leaving the healthy, live tissue safe, but also stimulating it to regenerate.

The LANAP protocol is the only laser periodontitis treatment protocol that has the US FDA clearance for periodontal regeneration. Dr. Cascino and Dr. Shaltoni have received intensive training in the LANAP protocol by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry.

There is no cutting or stitches needed with the LANAP protocol. Compared to traditional periodontal surgery, patients typically report less pain and discomfort after the procedure. This patient friendly procedure help patients regain healthy gums.


Our practice uses computer-guided implant planning. This allows for more accurate and predictable implant treatment. 3D imaging along with computer software allows Dr. Cascino to evaluate and best place dental implants.