Pre-operative Instructions

Naperville Periodontics

Since your surgical procedure will be performed with a local anesthetic, we recommend you to eat normally prior to surgery. Do not fast.

In most cases, you should be able to drive your car home after surgery. If a mild sedative is prescribed a driver is required.

Since aspirin can prolong the bleeding time, the doctor may recommend that you avoid aspirin for 7-10 days prior to your appointment. If you are taking aspirin per your physician’s recommendation, please inform the doctor.

Certain herbal supplements can affect the bleeding. If you are taking supplements, please notify the doctor. Vitamins are generally fine.

We recommend that you go home and relax after surgery. Most patients can return to work one to two days after surgery, unless the job requires heavy lifting or a great deal of physical activity.

Please remember that aerobic exercise and strength training increase blood pressure. This type of activity should be avoided for two to three days after surgical treatment.

After surgery you will need to eat soft foods for at least 1 week. You will also need to avoid brushing the area for a period of time. A mouthwash may be recommended.