Extraction And Bone Grafting

Naperville Periodontics

A favorable implant position requires a sufficient quality and quantity of jawbone. This ideally starts with an atraumatic tooth removal. This type of extraction is performed in such a way as to preserve the existing bone around the tooth. Bone grafting at the time of extraction is an effective way to minimize further bone shrinkage as the socket heals. It helps to maintain the present bone.

Sometimes, additional bone grafting procedures are required when the volume of bone is not enough. One example of this is lifting the sinus floor to provide a space for bone regeneration.

Careful management of the gum tissue and bone is especially important in cosmetic areas.


Immediately after the tooth is extracted, the socket is filled with a bone material. There are a variety of bone grafting particulates available to enhance your body’s ability to heal. This bone is usually held in place with a membrane.
Most patients report no difference in the healing experience when compared to an extraction without bone grafting.