Dental Implant Evaluation

Naperville Periodontics

A comprehensive examination is the initial step in developing a treatment plan for dental implants. This includes a thorough medical history, as certain conditions (examples: diabetes and smoking) may affect implant success. Additionally, dental x-rays are used to assess the available jawbone to ensure that you are a good candidate.

Safe placement, in the most ideal location is very important with dental implants. For this reason, a Cone Beam CT scan is recommended. This type of scan provides a three dimensional evaluation of the jawbone and vital structures. We provide this 3D imaging in our office.

Our practice uses computer guided implant planning when necessary. An interactive computer software is utilized to plan precise implant positioning onto the CT scan. These positions can be duplicated with the use of a guide stent during implant placement.


Our goal is to create a treatment plan that best addresses your needs and concerns. We will communicate with your restorative dentist during all phases of treatment. Working together with a skilled dentist is important in making your procedure a success.