Anterior Tooth Replacement

Naperville Periodontics


Replacing teeth in the anterior, cosmetic zone must be performed with proper planning and precision. Because this is a visible area, the dentist’s technical expertise is essential.

Options to restore teeth in this area include traditional bridges and removable appliances. Traditional bridges involve the crowning of adjacent teeth. Dental implants result in permanently fixed replacement teeth that do not require the alteration of neighboring teeth.

A favorable implant position requires sufficient jawbone height and width. This often starts with the atraumatic removal of the tooth and bone grafting of the socket. This bone grafting helps to maintain the existing bone. Sometimes, additional bone grafting procedures are required when the existing bone is not enough.

In select cases, the implant can be placed immediately when the tooth is removed. Certain criteria must be met in order to be a candidate for this. This is often not recommended in patients with existing periodontal disease, recession, thin gum tissue, long roots and bone loss involving the tooth to be removed.

During the healing phase, patients wear a removable tooth replacement. These look very natural and are delivered at the time of tooth removal.

Our practice uses computer guided implant planning for accurate placement of anterior implants. A 3D scan (Cone Beam CT) taken at our office is manipulated using computer software to map the precise implant position. This position can then be duplicated with the use of a guide stent during implant placement.

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